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Sensorial XR, wireless controller for Virtual and Extended Reality, has been designed to provide a realistic sense of touch thanks to the use of haptic technology together with an impressive movement tracking capability. Get your Enterprise Licence included in this Pack and start creating haptic experiences.

Enterprise Licence

Already included in the Pack Starter Premium.

For those companies and institutions who want to optimise the XR experience , we offer the Enterprise Licence which gives access to all resources available for Sensorial XR.

License is yearly renewable, with first year fully prepaid.We suggest you acquire the Pack Starter Premium to benefit from special conditions.



Sensorial XR Pair

Sensorial XR is the World’s first Wireless Haptic system that enables the Sense of Touch and Inertial Motion Capture in eXtended Reality - XR (VR/AR/MR)

The use of inertial technology let the system get rid of optical tracking systems based on Inverse Kinematics (IK) by means of technologies like SteamVR base stations, Microsoft Kinect, etc., without relinquishing to the combination of forward kinematic (FK) with described optical technology (IK) to improve sub-millimetric precision when possible.

Adapter: Oculus × 2

Oculus Adapter is required for some developments in some Oculus devices. Valid for Oculus Quest

Adapter: VIVE Tracker × 2

The VIVE Tracker adapter is required for some developments in HTC devices.


Technical specifications:

  • Size: Universal size, made of custom Lycra with antibacterial, fire-resistant treatments
  • Communications: USB (Charging and data) or Bluetooth LE 5 with low latency custom firmware.
  • Battery: 600 mA Li-Po with 6-8 hours of continuous use
  • Motion Capture: 
    • Glove: 7 IMU and 1 Flex Sensor
  • Haptic Feedback: 15 customized low-latency LRA (Linear Resonance Actuators). 1024 vibration profiles independent.
  • Smart Controller: 4 configurable conductive fabric zones:
    • Palm, and Thumb, Index, Middle fingers
  • Latency (per system):
      • Haptics: <30 ms rise/fall
      • Motion Capture: 1ms
      • Bluetooth: < 10ms

Inside the box:

        • Sensorial XR: A pair (Right and Left) hands
        • Charging and data Micro USB 2.0 cable
        • x2 VIVE Tracker adapters
        • x2 Oculus Quest / WMR adapters

Additional Options with your order:

        • Recommended Bluetooth receiver for PC.

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