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XR Solutions for your Business

Sensorial XR delivers real world simulation of complex training environments. It allows you to improve your staff performance in companies of all sectors.

Cost saving

Explore the risk-free possibilities before investing. Save time and money in product design and prototyping. Reduce cost by improving the construction process and testing in a VR environement.

Immersive Job training

Standardize your training sessions, so that all your company's employees, no matter where in the World they are based, get their hands on the same experience. And you can also measure in real time their progress.

Collaborative work

Let's gather together in the same virtual space, thanks to Sensorial XR. Especially oriented towards training and education, it allows you to share experiences and knowledge with your won hands.

Avoid unnecesary risks

The best way to avoid a risk is facing the risky situation in a previous safe ambient. But training can be risky itself. You can now avoid your staff risk by making them train in a VR environment Work at height. Dangerous goods. Hazardous materials handling.

Improve performance

Especially oriented towards training and education, it allows you to share experiences and knowledge. You can also improve your process and methods by using the VR and simulating potential results.

Increase commitment and autonomy

Let your customers touch your products even before they exist. Imagine they can customize their choice, with their own hands in an easy way, just like they were playing. Let's commit them with the sale

Succesful projects: Access to remote healthcare specialists

Lead innovators and researchers at the Ericsson 5G Tactile Internet Lab in King's College London, supported by Ericsson technology and infrastructure, have addressed the urgent need for better global healthcare

You get the technology adapted to the specific needs of your business

Get your pack and start creating XR haptics experiences.

You can now choose between two different licensing options, which offer all the available resources, full support and customer services. The minimum enrollment is one prepaid year. Both licenses are included in each starter pack.


Professional Pack


4.650 €
(taxes not included)

If you work as a freelancer developer or you are working for a small company, and you want to offer something different to your customers. You might be working in several industries at the same time: real estates, Medical, Health & Safety, Biotechnology, Tourism, Art & Museums, or many others and you need to stand out.

You must adapt to your clients' projects, but at the same time, add value for money. You need to get faster and higher than your competitors and provide a different experience, taking advantage of new technologies and anticipating the next step towards the future

This pack saves you 300 € and includes the "professional developer license" which is required to access to the SDK.

for Corporations

Premium Pack


11.650 €
(taxes not included)

Your work in a big company, corporation, University or other Research institution focused in innovation and/or integrating a R&D department.
You are willing to develop virtual reality projects making the difference and providing high value to cost aligned projects. Suitable for motion capture, robotics, virtual training with haptic feedback technology and more.

Take advantage of the most complete range of development possibilities for different platforms and systems. Make your experiences the forefront of Extended Reality.

This pack saves you 400€ and includes the "Enterprise developer license". which is required to access to the full SDK.


Realworld answers to real-world problems

Blind people who "can see" with their hands

Touching Masterpieces is the first VR experience for the blind and visually impaired – not with a headset, but with a pair of gloves.  Some of the world´s most precious sculptural masterpieces become visible to the blind and visually impaired people, thanks to new age digital technology. You and your projects could be the next winners!


This project, developed specially with our technology was awarded in different categories:

Digital Craft


Digital Craft






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