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Upgrade from Avatar VR

Upgrade Licence

10.000 €

11-650€ to 20.000€ (taxes not included)

If you have already developed your XR solutions with Avatar VR... Congratulations!
You can now get the latest version of the unique haptic technology by renewing your yearly licence.

We will replace your Avatar VR by our new and enhanced Sensorial XR. You will also have access to the latest version of the SDK and we you will also get our support to optimize your projects (existing or new ones) to the new capacities

New customers

Premium Pack


11.650 €
(taxes not included)

Your work in a big company, corporation, University or other Research institution focused in innovation and/or integrating a R&D department.
You are willing to develop virtual reality projects making the difference and providing high value to cost aligned projects. Suitable for motion capture, robotics, virtual training with haptic feedback technology and more.

Take advantage of the most complete range of development possibilities for different platforms and systems. Make your experiences the forefront of Extended Reality.

This pack saves you 400€ and includes the "Enterprise developer license". which is required to access to the full SDK.

I just need to renew my licence


For any reason, you are still not ready to move to the new generation of XR haptic devices . And you still want to be up to date with the previous best haptic glove controller: Avatar VR. You have your own reasons, and we want to make things easy for you. Login with your user and renew it by yourself or contact us.

Custom projects

Do you have a disruptive project? Contact us


You have an innovative project to change the world. The R&D department in your company has the budget, the idea and the decision to carry out disruptive changes to improve the way of working, learning, communicating and interacting. No matter what your sector it is, if you have a project aiming to improve the daily life thanks to Extended Reality, we want to help you