World’s most advanced haptic solution for Training in Virtual Reality

10 High Definition Haptic Actuators 7 Zero Drift 9 Axes IMU 4 Smart Zones Oculus Quest 1 and 2 compatibility VIVE Tracker compatibility

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Full immersion in VR/XR

The Sensorial XR includes a pair of gloves haptic with 1024 vibration intensity levels that bring the "sense of touch" to virtual and mixed reality more closely than ever before. The ideal device for any sector, especially for virtual training and teaching systems, which provides amazing results impossible to achieve through traditional means. You can now see your body in the scene, feel objects' volumes and textures and use your hands as Smart controllers.

Order now and get your Professional haptic glove for high skills training in XR

Motion Capture

See your body and your hands. It’s not just all about tracking your hands but capturing every small movements from fingers, hands and arms to provide a realistic avatar of yourself in VR in real time.

Full Finger Tracking

Finger Tracking is performed by using a set of IMU. Thumb uses two IMU, and one IMU for rest of the fingers. We consider IMU technology the best solution available, as you can simulate full motion with all degree of freedom.


Bluetooth LE 5 with low latency custom firmware. You don’t need to use any propietary hardware to enjoy Sensorial XR with your mobile devices, just plug and play!

Haptic Feedback

Feel objects. The magic of haptics! What if we tell you that vibrations can be felt like real touch to your brain? 10 low latency vibro-tactile actuators with 1024 vibration intensity levels to bring the sense of touch to your hands.

Smart Controller

Sensorial XR is not only haptics but also a Smart Controller! The glove has conductive zones that enable users to trigger specific customized actions within any scenario.


Built-in 600 mA Li-Po battery to ensure from 5 to 8 hours of continued use, depending on haptics use. It recharges by micro USB port in main PCB used for data communications too.

Sensorial XR: Limitless, wireless, anywhere, now

No suits, No cables and Mobile compatible. Haptics and motion capture throughout the body.


Business Solutions

Redefine your business solutions adding full immersion and the sense of touch with Sensorial XR. We are experts creating success stories in training protocols where standard controllers are not enough. Do you need hands in VR? Yes. Hands are the means most of us interact the world with. Do you need haptic feedback? Do you need self-tracking capabilities for hands and full body? Yes, you do. You do since you want your VR/AR Project to be valuable. Don’t wait any longer and start creating something unique with Sensorial XR!

Sensorial XR is compatible with

Order now and get your Professional haptic glove for high skills training in XR


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